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Permanent Pacemaker Placement

runner.jpgPacemakers are small electronic devices (generators) that deliver energy to the heart through flexible wires called leads. This device is implanted just below the collar bone on the left or right. The leads are implanted into your heart through a large vein in your chest. Pacemakers work by regulating a slow heartbeat and providing electrical stimulation to trigger your heart to beat.

Pacemakers can have single lead system, a dual lead or chamber system and a three-lead system, that has a third wire that is place in the venous system to the outside of the left lower chamber (ventricle). This will resynchronize a heart whose function is declining secondary to a conduction delay between the right and left ventricles. This type of system is placed to improve the heart’s function over time.

Implanting a pacemaker if minimally invasive and takes about one-half hour. The procedure is performed under conscious sedation. The area of implant is numbed as well, so the procedure is comfortable, and painless. This is an outpatient procedure, so you will be discharged the same day. Post-operative instructions will be provided.

When the appointment is made to place your pacemaker, you will be given a follow up appointment in about one week for a wound check. At that time, you will be provided with further instructions regard your specific device. Remote monitoring will also be discussed.

Remote monitoring from your home is an easy efficient way to monitor your pacemaker. It can monitor for problems with the battery, leads and for any additional atrial or ventricular arrhythmias. Many studies have been performed to assess the importance of remote monitoring, and it has been concluded, that it reduces mortality by 50%. Medicare now recommends that all devices have this capability.

We have a dedicated line for our electrophysiology department. If there are any issues with your remote monitor, please call 602-867-3737. We will be available to assist you during regular business hours.